Pearls of Luino area

Among the Lombard pre-alps we find out the beautiful valleys of Luino, hills, streams, lakes, alternate with small villages to be discovered, the Museum Parisi takes us back in time, the Lake d'Elio offers us a wonderful oasis for our relax.


Parisi Valle Museum

The Parisi Valle Museum is one of the few Italian museums rose in Italy after the war. Giuseppe Parisi was charmed by the Lago Maggiore, in addition to design the museum project, in agreement with his wife Wanda Valle put at the disposal of the City its extensive art collection, which is composed of more than two thousand works. An extensive collection, which is based around the large production but also ranges in the Italian art of our century. The building has a unique structure, a bridge over the river Jonah, near the mouth. In 1992, Sacripanti "museum-bridge" receives the prestigious "National Award IN / ARCH 1991-92 for a directional building complex, cultural and service," defined by the commission "a living organism, disjointed in a continuing series that integrate natural elements in the project by accepting the site's values, not as metaphorical and rhetorical allusion, but like real constructive architectural materials. The plastics quality of the building goes then with a use of cleverly integrated spaces between exhibition ones and the ones for people, creating a maze explored and recognizable in every point, able to communicate architectural values ​​in the most authentic tradition of the Modern."

Lake Delio 

The lake Delio is located at the foot of Mount Borgna and offers a lovely view, on one hand on the Italian side and on the other, the Swiss side of Lake Maggiore. The reflections of the surrounding mountains on the body of the water is really priceless. Of natural origin to glacial excavation, its original appearance has varied since 1911 for the construction of water dams. The lake Delio is also called d'Elio, recalling Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology, but also a very rich and prosperous country of the same name, built on the banks of a mountain lake. These two references were connected to some enchanting legends.


  • At 9:00 am Departure from Luino
  • Tour of Parisi Valle Museum
  • Transfer to Forcora Pass
  • Visit of Pian del Lares Agriturism and Lunch
  • Lake Delio
  • Return to Luino
  • End of the Tour

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