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Villa Bozzolo is one of the pearls of Insubria, a sort of pre-Alpine Reggia di Caserta, beautiful and beautifully managed and edited by the FAI.

Worth a ride even in the colors and flavors of the Walloon modern farm that keeps me company methods and tastes of the ancient time.


Villa Camillo Bozzolo

The current structure of the villa, based on typical system "U" around a court of honor, is on two floors and dates back to the early eighteenth century. The Milanese painter Salvione Bosso worked at the interior, realizing one of the most sophisticated and unitary decorative cycles of Lombardo eighteenth century, of which the central hall and the long gallery on the main floor are an eloquent example. In the frescoes alternate with religious themes, especially in the environment of a private nature, and secular scenes inspired by the most courtly of classical themes in the reception rooms. The elegant decorations are mostly inspired by floral subjects. The Court of Honor is also richly frescoed with trompe l'oeil Rococo architectural mold, according to the baroque aesthetic of "wonderful", the fiction that deceives reality. Among the most striking local, it's important to remember the ground floor, the ballroom, the dining room, originally used as a chapel, and two kitchens: the seventeenth century one(the "Caminata", one of the oldest rooms in the building) and the eighteenth century one. The interiors retain very little of the rich original furnishings, stolen over the years. Among the few exceptions you may include the magnificent four-poster beds placed in the rooms of the main floor, dating back to the eighteenth century and covered with precious contemporary fabrics, and wooden fittings of the study. Numerous furnishings and works of art from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century have now been set up in the rooms, with the intention of offering a correct interpretation of the original domestic atmosphere.

Azienda Agricola Il Vallone

It all started in 1999, with a dozen Saanen breed animals and a barn for rent in the town of Cittiglio. Over the years they have also acquired foreign genetic groups of animals and a small group of race Camosciata from the Alps. Today the company has more than 200 adult leaders with about 40 hectares. In the new ownership structure in the municipality of Cuveglio I am attached to the premises for the processing of milk and meat. The main direction of production is the goat milk for cheesemaking company. One part is delivered to the central Varese Milk, which packages it as fresh pasteurized milk. The company breeds Saanen goats and Camosciata from the Alps recorded the genealogical book of high genetic value, makes extensive use of artificial insemination and adheres to the regional breeders association genetic agreement of Lombardy, creating a close collaboration with the French genetic centers. The company enjoys a high level of health claims as it is officially free of brucellosis, CAEV and agalactia contagious; moreover they made health volunteers vaccination plans against pasteurellosis and clostridial, in addition to a programmed control of parasites in collaboration with the faculty of veterinary in Milan.


  • Ore 9:00 Partenza da Laveno Mombello
  • Arrivo e visita della Villa Camillo Bozzolo
  • Visita Azienda Agricola Il Vallone
  • Angolo dei Sapori – Cassano Valcuvia (pranzo e shopping prodotti tipici)
  • Visita Museo Linea Cadorna Cassano Valcuvia
  • Ritorno a Laveno 
  • Fine del Tour

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