Sacred and Profane - Rural Culture in Brinzio and Valganna

A tour in the history first recent then ancient of Varese area, let's begin with the italian industrial Liberty symbol the Poretti Brewery, then we'll move to the nearby S. Gemolo Badia, in few kilometers we'll have an immersion to the past of 8 Centuries, let's finish the tour with a great cross section of our rural culture, not before having tasted great typical products of lombard pre-alps. 


Like every adventures ours has started with a trip too: the one of Angelo Poretti in Austria, Boemia and Baviera where he met the best brewers and found out all the secrets to create a good beer. Angelo Poretti comes back to Italy and realizes a lifetime dream.

In 1877 he opened his brewery in Valganna: precious land for its pure water springs, necessary ingredient for a real quality beer.  

Since more than 130 years Valganna is the heart of our brewery which today pulsates all over the world.

Once Angelo Poretti went to Vienna to look for the best barrels, so today we use the DraughtMasterTM technology: the innovative pricking system that uses recyclable barrels PET, with no CO2 added, that respects the environment and men. Because we've always been faithful to tradition without never stop renovating.

Badia of S.Gemolo

According to tradition, in 1047, or maybe later, the young deacon Gemolo, escort of a bishop uncle in pilgrimage toward Rome, was decapitated from a bandit group who taunted the faith. After the martyrdom comes the miracle: Gemolo rides after the killing bringing his own head and he stops finally at a hill (or according to another version at a little church dedicated to San Michele) located in the place where now the abbey rises up.

He was buried here and the fast happening of miracles brings to his consecration, happened in XI Century. 

The Abbey foundation probably dates back to last decade of the same Century. The milanese historian Goffredo from Bussero, who wrote at the end 1200, telling about a hunt done in Valganna by three Duomo's canonicals; arrived at Gemolo's burial site where in the meantime it was built a "paupercula ecclesia" religious people decided to stop there and found a monastic hospice that will obtain great privileges from milanese Arnoflo II archbishop in 1095 first date historically documented about Badia's history.

Museum of Rural Pre-alpin Culture

In the wonderful frame offered by the regional park of Campo dei Fiori in Varesine Pre-Alps, it borns the Museum of Rural Pre-alpin Culture, based on safeguard standards, protection and appreciation of complicated relations, material and intangible, that identified and still do it an endemic ethnic-cultural and panoramic heritage.


  • At 9:00am Departure from Piazzale Trieste, Varese
  • Arrival and visit of the Carlsberg beer factory in Valganna
  • Moving and visit of Badia San Gemolo - San Gemolo Agrarian farm and shopping
  • Departure toward Brinzio, lunch and shopping
  • Visit of Museum of Rural Pre-alpin Culture
  • Return to Varese 
  • End of the Tour


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