Varese Liberty Tour

Welcome to Varese, you are very lucky, your Liberty Tour is about to begin! An expert guide and a unique atmosphere will make you relive the Belle Epoque Varesina.


Do you want to visit Varese in a different way to discover the Art Nouveau architecture buildings and style?

Welcome in Varese, your Liberty Tour is starting!

You can reach the Varese Train Station from Milano or From Rho Fiera EXPO train stop.

A fantastic liberty bus is waiting for you. It is very easy to find: just outside the station is the only coach with magic liberty images, and with the "VARESE LIBERTY TOUR" logo.

The Varese Liberty Tour allows liberty lovers and tourists to visit and discover Italian cities and immerse in the atmosphere of the "Belle Epoque", expert guides tell to travelers the story of the beginning of the XXth century through great examples of painting, sculpture and architecture Liberty adorning still the our cities.

The tour of the city is about 2 hours long, giving enough time to truly immerse yourself in the world art Nouveau in Varese. The guide dressed in "Liberty" clothes, takes tourists on a bus route especially decorated, and then walk the traits most interesting and hidden, finding wrought iron, sculptures, pictures and real works of art that the architecture liberty gave birth.

You will be able to see Giardini Estensi, Villa Recalcati, Palace Grand Hotel, Sacro Monte, Birrificio Angelo Poretti and Villa Panza. Liberty Tour is not only discovering places but offers the chance to "meet" Liberty at the table as well, since as good italian people Varesini's restaurateurs worked hard to create meals as Pizza Liberty from Piedigrotta Pizzeria Liberty ice cream from gelateria Buosi. An experience you can really live at 360°.

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