Milano Liberty Tour

Eight stops within the wonders of Milan in 2 different Art Nouveau tours.


Eight stops within the wonders of Milan in 2 different Art Nouveau tours. Strangers and italians tourists will have the chance to admire the beauties of this city, comfortably seated on autobus Gran Turismo and guided by expert guides.

Moranditour prepared especially two bus that from April to November will revive Milanese Sundays carrying passionate travelers from all over the world, with driver and speaker exactly in period dress. Milanese Liberty will be the central theme but definitely we won't ignore other occasions that the city of Milan has to offer.

Belle Epoque Tour

A visit guided by an expert guide in the area of Porta Venezia to admire wrought iron and painted majolica of Casa Galimberti, Casa Guazzoni and the ex Dumont cinema in Malpighi street, then continuing on Piave road and travel again through events that have Diana Hotel as leading role. Must see stop in Corso Venezia to see Palazzo Castiglioni the first milanese Liberty building signed by Giuseppe, then we'll explore the hidden streets behind Corso Venezia: here rise three houses Case Berri Meregalli, Casa Tensi and Casa Campanini which with their decorated facades refine the neighborhood and remind architects names as Pirovano, Arata or Campanini himself.

Later we can move to the adjacent area of Porta Vittoria between Via Pisacane and Corso XXII Marzo to admire Casa Piccinelli of Sommaruga, Casa Frisia in Via Fiamma and some facades in Via Macedonio Melloni. In Via Pisacane then two houses Casa Cambiaghi e Casa Balzarini. It's possible to end the itinerary at Palazzina Liberty in Largo Marinai d’Italia.

Art De'co Tour

A trip in the milanese Liberty guided by an expert guide in Sempione area starting from Acquario Civico then moving to Gadio, Saffi, Gioberti and Boccaccio streets to admire Casa Bosisio, two Case Maffioretti, two Case Binda Castiglioni, Casa Donzelli of Stacchini and Casa Isotta.

From Piazzale Baracca then, on which Casa Laugier of Tagliaferri and the famous Santa Teresa pharmacy overlook, it will be possible to reach Villa Faccanoni (now Columbus clinical) by bus in order to admire the famous statues that caused scandal on the Palazzo Castiglioni's facade in Corso Porta Venezia.

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