Busto Liberty Tour

Great tour by bus “up-on up-off" with guide and driver in period dress for an immersion into the Busto of ending '800 and first '900: let's discover our origins!

The tour will be done with a minimum of 15 participants.


Starting from Busto North train station and from Villa Castiglioni at 10.00am and at 3.00pm - duration about 2 hours and a half (Chance to leave from Varese- FSS Station at 9.30am / 2.30pm)

Liberty Tour price including bus and guided tour: € 35,00

Children until 16 years old: € 15


-Textile museum

-Villa Ottolini Tavaglieri

-Frangi's Palace

-Molini Marzoli Massari 

-Casa Colombo

-Casa Castiglioni

-Villa Ottolini Tosi

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