Isolino Virginia

The Isolino Virginia is part of the serial "prehistoric pile-dwelling sites arc Alpine site".


Virginia isle is part of the serial site "prehistorical pile-dwelling sites of alpines arc" that includes 111 villages, dated from 5000 to 500 b.C., located on lakes and rivers shores in Swiss, Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia.

The Virginia island located in Varese lake in front of Biandronno it's been populated since first Neolithic (VII-VI millennio B.C.) until the end of Bronze Ages (about X Century B.C.), a long period in which man in order to face the lake water changes often has to adapt or move his abodes occupying different places of the island from time to time.


  • Departure from FS Varese
  • Arrival at Villa Mirabello and visit of Musei Civici
  • End of visit and departure for pier
  • Navigation and mini-cruise from Gavirate
  • Island, tour and free lunch (Tana dell’Isolino)
  • Departure for FS Varese
  • End of tour

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