Castiglione Olona and its magic surroundings

Few kilometers from Varese we discover one of the most beautiful village of Lombardy, not far from Castelseprio the Unesco site it rises Castiglione Olona one of a kind and a must in the province. A short distance from there we can taste great desserts and taste a great wine, of own production at Ronchetto farmstead.

"Il Giusto Impasto" Bakery

In Castronno "Il Giusto Impasto" Bakery by Frison spouses makes traditional and modern pastry. They specialized in cake design and in the use of special flours adapted to varying clients: from celiac to vegetarian people and from lactose intolerant to vegan people, guarantee in this way a production always oriented to the product customization. 

For instant they offer soft yogurt, ice creams, meringue cakes and tiramisù without lactose and for breakfast different types of cappuccini make with oat, rice, soy or almond milk. The Castronno dessert, a sort of plum-cake with a amaretto base, a layer of blueberry jam covered with amaretto and sugar crumbs. 

Cascina Ronchetto

The Ronchetto farmstead is an agricultural farm located on the green hills of Morazzone. It propose to give value again to this area of old wine tradition that is both for microclimatic conditions and for terrain composition that adapt itself to viticulture. They produce mainly Merlot and Chardonnay. They use thermoregulated stainless steel tanks for fermentation control, that is bottling with modern technology and sharpened the product in durmast barrels and in bottles.

Castiglione Olona

Few kilometers from Varese, up on a hill that look over the river Olona, it rises up the historical centre of Castiglione Olona that  Gabriele D’Annunzio at the beginning of 900 defined "the Tuscany island in Lombardy" for the unusual presence in lombard territory of art works referred to the great Florentine Renaissance season. The era chroniclers recorded the lombard presence from which came since 1000 about the noble family Castiglioni owner of Castiglionese feud at least from 1028.

Hamlet's wall constructions dated back to this time which are only preserved in the highest part of the hill where it was built in the XII Century the fortress protected from river Olona flow for three quarters and from a massive bastion with drawbridge in the left part. The hamlet still preserves its renaissance flavor untouched you can taste it walking through cobbles street and admiring the most important monuments: buildings decorated with cotto tile inserts, frescos by Masolino from Panicale which adorn the Collegiata and the Battistero that could be admire in all its splendor.

In the middle of the town the Cardinal Branda Castiglioni's abode, cultured client who called alongside the aretine artist other representative painters of Tuscan style at the time, as well as lombard sculptures and architects.

An artistic and historical treasure which complete itself with modern and contemporary echoes like the Monteruzzo Castle and the MAP.

At 9:00 am Departure from Piazzale Trieste in Varese

• Arrival at "Il Giusto Impasto" bakery

• Visit of Cascina Ronchetto and tasting 

• Transfer to Castiglione Olona and city tour

• Return to Varese

• End of the Tour

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