Monte San Giorgio: "Discovering the lost world"

The Monte San Giorgio is identified as the best testimony of the geo-paleontological history in the marine environment dating back 247 to 235 million years ago that.


The Monte San Giorgio, which straddles the Swiss-Italian border is surrounded by two branches of Lake Lugano.

In addition to offering hiking routes of natural and scenic interest, Monte is among the most important deposits in the world of fossils from the Middle Triassic: the environment at that time was that of a complex tropical lagoon.

The Mount was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003 for the Swiss side, and in 2010 for the Italian one. 


-15.00 from FS Varese

-15.30 visit the Fossil Museum of Besano

-16.30 visit the Fossil Museum in Meride

-17.30 Panoramic passage from Punta Poiana

-18.30 departure to FS

-19.00 end tour


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